Getting Residence Permit in Turkey After Buying an Apartment

Getting Residence Permit in Turkey After Buying an Apartment

Getting residence permit in Turkey is not hard. You can stay in Turkey by buying a property. The real estates bought by foreigners in Turkey are increasing each year. Turkey has attractive points all over the country. If you want to get your residence permit and live in Turkey, there are different options you can take. You can have short stay permi tor long term stay, also known as permanent residence in Turkey. Family stay, humanitarian residence, student residence are  other types but we will be talking about real estate residence permit. This permit is usually granted for a year. Also, your children and wife will be considered to have this permit as well. 

What You Will Need For Real Estate Residence

Documents needed for real estate residence are mandatory. Those papers are:

A valid passport, 

Title deed of the property, 

Health insurance in Turkish territory, 

A family statement of children translated into Turkish, 

A bank statement proving you have sufficient funds, 

If re applying your residency book, 

Your Turkish tax number,

Property earthquake insurance.

Real estate residence permit is very similar to tourist permit. When you have a standart Turkish Tourist Permit, you can no longer stay in the country after 180 days. Good news is if you own a property there you will be granted as year long residency permit automaticly. 

How to Apply for a Turkish Residency Permit?

Applying for a Turkish Residency permit is easy. First thing you have to do is to get an appointment at the nearest DGMM Office. Fill the online form and they will inform you about the documents you need to bring. The prices for residency permits vary. When you apply fort he permit online, it will calculate the amoung you have to pay. You can pay it by credit card. While applying for residency permit, do not forget to bring 6 biometric photos of you, your Turkish tax number, 2 copies of your passport. If you do not have your tax number yet, you should visit your tax Office. 

There was a rule called 120 day for residence permit but it no longer applies. So do not worry about the time you may stay out of the country.