Health Insurance in Turkey

Health Insurance in Turkey

Health Insurance is a must for a foreign during all times stay in Turkey. Healthcare varies depending on you are using public or private system and youw location. The quality of Turkish health insurance is high and it is cheaper than most of the European countries. Especially Turkey is known for being one of the fastest growing countries for cosmetic surgeries. Also dentistry and fertility treatments are popular. When you have a Health Insurance and go to a hospital in Turkey, you will see that the main language spoken there is Turkish. However almost all of the Turkish people can speak English. 

Public Healthcare System in Turkey

Public Healthcare System lacks of funding and also enough capacity. It is not as equipped as private healthcare system. Services you can apply to are subsidised. They require pregrancy, specialist treatments, rehabilitation and hospitalisation treatments. You can maket he payment out of your pocket to Social Insurance Organisation for Health. The amount you will pay is determined by the income you earn each month. 

Private Healthcare System in Turkey

Private Healthcare System is for those who would like to Access superior facilities. Private Health Insurance offers well trained staff who can speak fluent English. Comparing with the public healthcare system, private healthcare system is more expensive. If you are suffering from chronic illness it is a better option to consider private healthcare system. Keep in mind that The European Health Insurance Card is not valid in Turkey. For your medication needs, you can g oto ‘eczane’. Pharmacies are easy to find and all over the country. 

Pharmacies in Turkey

Pharmacies can be found 24 hours a day especially in big cities such as Ankara and Istanbul. Pharmacy hours are usually between 9 am to 6 pm but it can vary. Pharmacists can diagnose an illness and they are knowledgeable people. Some drugs will need a prescription. However, regulations for buying certain medications are relaxed. 

For your health, do not drink tap water in Turkey. You can drink bottled or boiled water. Also, do not drink water from rivers or lakes. It will most likely result in diarrhoea and vomitting. In the event of an emergency, dial 112 in Turkey. Health Insurance in Turkey is a good idea!