History of Mardin

History of Mardin

Mardin means fortresses in Syriac. Mardin is located on southeastern part of Turkey. It is also known as the shining city of Mesopotamia. It has rich cultural and religious diversity. You can still see the traces from the Neolithic AGE. Mongols, Arabs, Persians, Romans, Mamluks, Artuklus, Seljucks and many more left their mark on Mardin. Mardin is an important centre for Syriac Orthodox Christians. Mardin is famous for telkâri which is the name of a silver jewellery. Mardin is on the main route between Turkey, Iraq and Syria. If you have a trip to Southeastern part of Turkey, Mardin is a must see city. 

Where to See in Mardin?

Places to see in Mardin are too many! You will be amazed by the stone houses, narrow streets, cultural and historical places as well as wonderful cuisene. You can see dokeys in the city as they are very common. They will be wandering around the Street during your visit to Mardin. Many series in Turkey have been filmed in Mardin. If you want some luxury there are a lot options for you. Mardin’s hotels offers both luxury and the ambience of the city. 

Mardin Ulu Mosque

Mardin Ulu Mosque worth to visit. This mosques is also known as one of the most important site in the city. It is a great example of Artuqid architecture. Mardin Ulu Mosque is the symbol of the city. There are two minarets and a dome. It was built in 1176. 

Inns and Historical Bazaars

Inns and Historical Bazaars will be so much fun to visit! You can find shawls, soap, jewelries and spices. There are too many bazaars you can visit such as Kayseriye Passage, Cumhuriyet Bazaar, Hardware Bazaar, Bakırcılar Bazaar, Kuyumcular Bazaar, Meşkin Bazaar, Grand Bazaar and Hasan Ayar Bazaar. 

Zinciriye Madrasah

Zinciriye Madrasah was built in 1387. It is a monumental building. There are small rooms inside. Madrasah is a place where they teach. They were used for educational purposes. After you visit the Madrasah, we highly recommend that you taste the rich Mardin cuisine. You can taste different dishes such as kebabs, döner, işkembe dolması, onion kebab, Mardin çöreği and many more. Mardin cuisine is famous for delicious meat. All of the meats raised locally. Mardin Çöreği is a local pastry for those who do not want to eat  meat.