Inheritance Law in Turkey

Inheritance Law in Turkey

Inheritance Law is about a person’s property right after a person’s death. There is a generally accepted rule in Inheritance Law. When someone dies, his estate will g oto his close relatives upon his dead. If someone has those rights, it is called heirs. Possible inheritors are parents, children, illegitimate children, adopted children, surviving spouse etc. Succession Law has a main system and it is to distribute one’s property in the way they have wanted. This law has its early roots in Scotland. It goes back to 14th century. Since then, always the same principle applied in different countries. 

Executors of the Estate

Executors should be a person aged over 16 years old or over. The executor is responsible for ingathering the deceased’s estate. Executor pays his debts. According to the Inheritance Law 2 or even more people can act as a executor, especially when there is a large estate. The starting time for apply of the law of succession is a person’s death. However there are still complications that arises about it. For some, when a person is brain dead, the law can be applied. In Turkey, in order to Inheritance Law to be applied, a person should be at least death for 8 days. Because the body should be discovered for any unusual or suspicious conditions. 

Intestate Succession

Intestate Succession is about a person who makes his or hell will about property they have after death. This law sets some rules about how and whom an intestate should be distributed. The rules are primaly in Succession Scotland Act 1964. Scottich Law Commision has significant reforms about Intestate Succession which is also followed by Turkey. A testamentary writing is part of the Intestate Succession. In order for testamentary writing to be valid, there should be both essantial and formal validity. 

For it to be formally valid, it should meet statutory requirements. For it to be essentially valid, there should be a will created by a testator. There should be both capacisty and intention to test. Inheritance Law is also called beyong the grave.