Retirement in Turkey for Foreigners

Retirement in Turkey for Foreigners

Retirement in Turkey can give you the comfortable life you are looking for. Does your retirement plan includes hot summer, healthy summer, friendly culture? Then, Turkey is the right place for you. You can have high quality life in Turkey with low cost of living. You can stay in the country on a 90/180 visa. If you want tol ive in Turkey permanently then you are going to need a Turkish residency permit which is also calledd ikamet. It will be valid up to 2 years. After you become a resident in Turkey for at least 5 years, you can apply for Turkish citizenship. Or you can own a property which at least cost 230,000 dollars. 

Get Ready For Your First Class European Experience 

European experience in Turkey is possible. Turkey is one of the cheapest and World class cities to retire to. You can get tickets to Europe and Asia for quick trips too. You can enjoy the Turkey’s diverse heritage in your retirement. You can see Arabic, Georgian, Armenian and Greek culture all over the country. Turkish people are very hospitable. Turkish cuisene is delicious. Tea is a national drink and Turkish coffee is the symbol of friendship.

Turkish Properties

Turkish properties are in great numbers. A coastal villa cost about 5 million Lira which is 1.5 million USD. In the capital city, Ankara, there is the largest increase in foreign buyers. If you are looking for a long term investment, it is recommended that you check those oppurtunities out. 

Can I Work in Turkey as a Retiree?

Working as a retiree in Turkey is possible. If you have a work permit, there will be job opportunities for you. If you don’t have a work permit, you should not look for a job, even if you have property there.  Minimum wage in Turkey is coming up. One day is off and working hours a week is usually 45 hours. It is better that you work online rather than getting a job. There are many options you can take as a foreigner. 

What About the Language?

Language is not a problem in Turkey. Because almost everyone knows how to speak English. If you are looking for a comfortable country for your retirement, Turkey is the right country to pick up! It has many benefits for you!