Rules for Bringing Car Abroad to Turkey

Rules for Bringing Car Abroad to Turkey

Bringing your car to Turkey is legal. Under Turkish law, a foreign plated vehichle can be brough to Turkey from 6 months to 12 month period. After 6 months, the vehicle has the leave the country for 6 months minimum. Later that time, you can bring your car to Turkey again. This process is called importing a vehicle. Especially if you are living in Europe, importing your car to Turkey is a good option. Make sure you have the necessary documents with you at the bother. You can even permanently import your car in Turkey. But the process is not that easy. You need to have Alien Vehicles Temporary Entry Card first. 

What are the Required Documents?

Required documents needs to be provided at the border. You will need to following documents:

  • Your vehicle registration details, 
  • An international green card also called as insurance,
  • A valid passport, 
  • Your driving licence.

Keep in mind that your car should have an international identification plate. F or GB sticker is acceptable too. Do not forget to check if your insurance is also valid fort he Asian side of the country. If the vehicle belongs to someone else, then you need to have a Power of Attorney. 

How Can I Import My Car to Turkey Permanently?

Importing your car to Turkey permanently is possible. Alien Vehicles Temporary Entry Card also known as YTGGK will be required. It is also called as a Blue Card. You can obtain it from the Turkish Touring and Automobile Union. It is called blue card but don’t let it confuse you, they are not actually in the color blue. If you want to import your card permanently, then you will need to register it at your Turkish residential address. You will need the following documents:

  • Your passport with driving licence,
  • Your vehicle registration documents, 
  • Your residence permit, 
  • The application form (You can obtain it from the website),
  • Delivery receipt fort he vehicle.

Should I Buy a Car Rather Than Importing a Car to Turkey?

Buying vs. importing a car is up to you. It is better that you have a friend or neighbour to help you with the documents etc. Choose a car avaliable in Turkey. Importing a car Turkey usually takes about 6 weeks after you assembly all of the necessary documents to the agent.