Side Antique City

Side Antique City

Side Antique City is located halfway between Alanya and Antalya. It is among the most popular resort on Mediterranean Cost. It is well preserved. Side Antique City is visited from thousands of tourist each year. There are ruins from Roman and Hellenistic times. Also you can see Roman Baths, local museum and other historical attraction points. The city were first found in the 7th century by Greek seetlers. Because it has a favourable location, it became a natural harbour in a short time and  most significant settlement in the region. Alexander the Great took the control of the city and contact with Hellenistic culture has started. 

Perfect Place for Sightseeing

Sightseeing in Side has a great appeal. You can see the relics and impressive monuments. The theather from Roman period is a must see. Also Men, Athena and Apollo temples are famous. They offer a picturesque area which is close to the sea coast. You can visit the Archaelogical Museum of Side. You will be able to see fascinating collection of ancient statues. In Side Antique City there are many other historic buildings. They are usually located on a vast area of Side peninsula. 

Where to See in Side Antique City?

Places too city in Side are too many! One of the is Byzantine Hospital. It was built during the 6th century. It is a two storey building. It is a good example of Roman Architecture. Don’t forget to visit the aqueduct. This aqueduct used to suppyl water to city back then. You can visit the site without paying any fees. The site is very close to the Northern part of the city. It is close to the bus terminal so you can easily get there. Walk down through Harbour Street and you are there!

The Monumental Gate

The Monumental Gate is an elegant building. It was built in 4 TH century. It is stated that is was erected in honor of Emperor Vespasian. The height of the monument is 13.4 meters. But it used to higher in ancient times. The left side of the gate is better preserved. The Monumental Gate did not only play a religious function but also a decorative function. It was the maint aqueduct of Side Antique City back then. The visit is unlimited and free of charge. You can get there using the main road, Liman Street.