The Process of Deed Appropriation in Turkey

The Process of Deed Appropriation in Turkey

Deed appropriation process in Turkey can be found in Turkish tapu laws. In order to understand deed appropriation, you need to understand what is deed first. Deed or title deed is an official document showing the legal owner of the property. There are different types of title deeds. With the increase of real estate sector in Turkey, question of owners arises. Deeds includes information about the property and the owner. Deeds are organized by Real Estate Registry Directorate in Turkey. Deeds are only given to the legal owner or owners. In order to get your tapu, you need to pay attention to the process and complete required papers.

Important Things to Know About Deed Process

Deed process tips will help you to get your job done faster without any delays. Make sure you prepare all of your required documents. You need to submit your updated photos to the Real Estate Department. There should be one image for the seller and two images of the buyer. You need to get the earthquake and natural disaster insurance papers. You can obtain those papers from local insurance companies. Bank documents such as purchase of the property, real estate registry document should be completed. Do not forget to provide correct information. 

How Long is the Deed Process in Turkey?

Deed process duration is short. It may not exceed one day if you have everything you need for the process. You need to follow the required steps in order to own a property in Turkey. First you need to sign your real estate purchase contract. Later, you should get a tax number. You can get it from nearest tax directorate which is known as Vergi Mudurlugu in Turkish. Open a Turkish bank account and transfer the required Money. Noratize the buyers passport. Last but not least seller and buyer goes to real estate registry Office. And buyer receives both the title deed and the key of the property. It only takes about an hour when documents are ready. 

There are some cases when the property is not ready to be delivered. Some investors wants to purchase a house under construction. In that case title deed is not given to the buyer. The deed will be received from the buyer when the construction is ready. Who has the title deed also owns the property.