Traffic Rules in Turkey

Traffic Rules in Turkey

Traffic rules should be obeyed to. It is necessary for safety of life and also property of people. There are more than 20 million vehichles in Turkey. Those vehichles are moving almost everyday. So there must be some rules! In Turkey, Istanbul has the most crowded traffic density. If you are in Istanbul, we recommend that you use public transportation rather than using your own car. Traffic flows from right in Turkey. If you want to turn right in driving, keep in mind that priority always belongs to people who wants to cross over. Another important rule is about pedestrians. Pedestrian crossings are signs places on the road to provide life safety for pedestrians. There are no traffic lights present and priory always belongs to pedestrians. 

Important Traffic Rules to Follow

Important rules should be followed. While you are driving, be careful to not to approach very much to the vehicle in front of you. Keep in mind that anything may happen. If a cat suddenly rushed out, the vehichle right in front of you may brake at once. That is why you should leave a safe distane between you and the vehichle in front of you. By doing this, you will reduce the risk of making an accident. That is the reason why following the rules are important at the first place! 

Watching out the Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are avaliable all over the roads. Traffic signs are informative for drivers. You need to pay attention to those signs for sure. Traffic lights also can be considered as traffic signs. It is very obvious that you have to stop when you see the red color. Not obeying to traffic lights are seen as a big factor for accidents. Always be careful while driving and pay attention to any traffic signs. 

Don’t Use the Left Lane

Not using left lane is a good idea unless it is necessary. In the roads where there are many lanes, the rightmost lane is used as an emergency lane. This lane is for ambulance and fire brigade etc. If you drive on the left lane, you will be seen by the traffic polices and radars. You will need to pay for not obeying the traffic rules.