Turkish Tea and Coffee

Turkish Tea and Coffee

Turkish tea and coffee are delicious drinks. Turkey is famous for its coffee and black tea. Drinks in Turkish culture play a crucial role. Turkish tea, also called CHAI or çay is very famous. About 10 percent of  the tea in the World is produced in Turkey. Black sea and Georgian border are the tea growing region. Tea is consumed all day starting with Turkish breakfast. Offering someone tea considered as friendly. Tea can be served with delicious sweets such as cakes and cookies. Almost in every home and Office in Turkey has a brewing por of tea ready to serve. If you plan to visit Turkey as a tourist, if you are lucky, you can even see the tea gardens. They can be found around the Bosphorus. 

Turkish Coffee Culture

Turkish coffee is a signature drink. You will be amazed by the smell of Turkish coffee. A very famous drink Turkish coffee, is known as Türk Kahvesi. It is like a rough version of espresso. It is served in a small cup. It is prepared in ‘cezve’. You can add desired amount of sugar in your coffee. It should be cooked slowly. It is usually served with glass of water. You can rinse your mouth with water and get a fresh Turkish coffee taste each time. 

How to Make Turkish Coffee From the Start

Making Turkish coffee is not a hard job. You can make Turkish coffee after a big meal or you can drink it during tea time. There are a lot of local coffee houses in Turkey that you can drink Turkish coffee. You can make your own Turkish coffee too. Add some water in cezve and 1 table spoon of Turkish coffee grains and let it cook. You can add sugar if you wish. Take it out of owen when it boils. Serve it with water. 

Fortune Telling with Turkish Coffee

Fortune telling with Turkish coffee is considered as part of the culture. Once you finish your coffee, you let it cool down and invert it onto saucer. After a fortune teller reads the drink and tell about your future. Most of the people do it fort he fun but there are people who actually believes it.