What to Know Before Visiting the Dimcay

What to Know Before Visiting the Dimcay

Dimcay is also known as Dim River. If you are looking for a way to cool yourself down, then, Dimcay is the right option for you. Dimcay is a river flowing until the coast to the Taurus Mountains. In the past, Dimcay played a huge part in agriculture of Alanya. Today, Dimcay is seen as a relaxation and picnic point. There are different restaurants options along the river as well as other attraction points. Local people of Alanya visit Dimcay for fishing, BBQ and resting. Alanya has a hot climate. However Dimcay’s water is always cool. If you haven’t tasted the Turkish cuisene yet, you can think about the options around Dimcay, they are delicious! 

Don’t Forget Dim Cave

Dim Cave worth to visit. Dam Cave is a good supply of tap water. It was used as a watering system and supplier of electricity before. Now, you can enjoy the amazing view of Dimcay to the valley. Dimcay is only 8 km away from Alanya centre. You can follow signs on the mountains to get there. There are countless of restaurants options you can stop by. You can take the busses going to Dimcay regularly in Alanya center. 

What to Know Before Visiting the Dimcay

Dimcay visitors would be happy to know about the information down below. Keep in mind that, restaurants on Sundays are too crowded. If you are looking for a peaceful environment, it is better that you visit Dimcay another day. Weekdays are perfect for those who do not like crowds. If you take taxi from Alanya center to Dimcay, it will cost about 50 Turkish Liras. Going there with a public bus will cost you less. Make sure you have comfortable clothes as well as swimming dress that are easy to take off. 

Dimcay Tours

Dimcay tours are great options for those who are looking for a Professional service. Tour price usually includes transfer, guidance and lunch. You can visit the fruit garden and taste bananas, kiwis, oranges from the trees. You can even pick them up yourself. Within the Dimcay Tour, you will visit mosque, Taurus mountain, a small waterfall, a nomad village etc. If you want to cool yourself down in a hot summer day, Dimcay is perfect! You can swim in the water or even jump from a jumping bridge there and enjoy the most delicious food served.