Working in Turkey as a Foreigner

Working in Turkey as a Foreigner

Working in Turkey as a foreigner is avaliable. You can work in many different sectors. Big cities has a lot of opportunities. Even just in one year, Turkey surpassed over 100,000 work permit applicationsto foreign nationals. If your qualifications match the advertised job, work is avaliable everywhere. Knowledge of Turkish language would help you. If you want to apply as a teacher, keep in mind that there is always high demand for native English speakers. Also, English speaking nannies are in demand because Turkish parents want their children to adapt in English in early life. 

Work Permits in Turkey

Work permit is mandatory if you want to work. You can apply for your work permit in your home country. You should make your application through local Turkish Consulate. You are going to need your passport, 4 biometric photos, your qualifications, completed work permit application form. Your work permit application should be done by the employer, you can not get a work permit on their behalf. 

Tourism Jobs in Turkey for Expats

Tourism jobs are popular among expats in Turkey. You are lucky if you are a multilungal speaker. The more language you know, the better! You will have greater job oppportunities. Especially people speaking Arabic, Ruissian, Dutch, English and German are in high demand. 

Teaching English in Turkey

Teaching English in Turkey is a common way to make Money. You are going to need a TEFL or TESOL qualification. You can find plenty of advertisements online. If you are willing to be English teacher, you need to be patient with the students. You should always look for jobs that best suits your personal character. 

Summer Works in Turkey for Expats

Summer Works are fun! Being part of the hotel entertainment, hotel reps might be a bit challenging but it has it perks. Keep in mind that those kind of jobs have long working hours. If you like to be physically active, those jobs are fun. You should check fort he joc advertisements at the beginning of the season. You can use websites. 

Internet Freelancing

Freelancing is an easy and comfortable way to make Money. You can get to work when you want and with who you want! You need to have an active internet connection to work. You can give lessons online, write articles, design web pages etc.