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Cyprus Villas - Cyprus Villas for sale

Before giving information about Cyprus villas, It is useful to give information about the cyprus real estate sector in general. Thanks to this information we will give in general, the value of the villas in Cyprus will be better understood. Real Estate in Cyprus, It is a very precious treasure for those who want to invest in real estate as it is located at a strategic point in the Mediterranean.

The Cypriot economy is a small but rapidly rising economy. Due to high demand and low supply, it causing the housing and land prices to rise rapidly. For those who want to invest in Northern Cyprus, the government of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus provides investment incentives in accordance with its real estate policies. Foreign nationals who are Cypriot citizens have the right to buy 5 decares of land and 1 residence. Investors who are not Cypriot citizens can make investments by applying to the Council of Ministers of Cyprus and obtaining permission to purchase real estate.

Cyprus Villas for sale

The increase in property prices in Cyprus is quite low compared to other country property prices in the region. This is one of the important reasons that attract investors to the island. The hot climate of Cyprus, its natural natural environment, cultural richness, and the fact that there are so many alternatives for social life are other factors. The high number of universities in Cyprus and the housing needs of the students who have to stay on the island for a long time to study are also the reasons for the active real estate market. If the political problems of northern and southern cyprus disappear, those who have invested in the island will have made substantial profits. Forward-looking investors are aware of this situation. Therefore, Cyprus villas potential is a strong investment tool.

About Villas for sale in Cyprus

Before talking about Villas for sale in Cyprus, it would be more appropriate to provide information about the general housing market in Cyprus. Housing distribution by districts is as follows :

  • Nicosia District: The district has developed towards the north of the center. The number of houses is less, the market is low. It does not attract the attention of foreign investors.
  • Kyrenia district: Çatalköy, karakum, ozanköy, beylerbeyi, alsancak, lapta and karaoğlanoğlu regions are the leading regions in housing. Housing sector takes the first place in Kyrenia. Villa-type apartments and residences are predominant.
  • Guzelyurt district: Most of it is located on the coast and villa type structures are predominant here. For political reasons, there has been no demand for real estate businesses in this area, especially due to the kofee annan plan.
  • İskele district: Real estate jobs are generally in this region, around the ercan road and nine houses. It is the district with the highest rental and sales income. A rapid construction started in this district, in newly developing areas. New housing estates were built. Sites have become places that can provide services in all areas from social life to shopping centers. We can say that it is the region where especially Russian tourists invest.
  • Famagusta district:  In this district, the real estate and housing market is shaped around the Eastern Mediterranean University. Tuzla and Yeni Boğaziçi, which are close to the center, are in demand due to affordable real estate prices, as rental prices and house prices for sale are high around the university.Famagusta district: The district center is located in a place known as the mosque environment. Housings has mostly been on the coast close to this region,

If we make a definition of these before the house and villa prices;

- Appartment:

  • They generally have 3 + 1, 2 + 1 and 1 + 1 rooms,
  • Apartments built in the last 5 years are defined as luxury,
  • Their sizes are Minimum 75m2- Max: 130m2,

House for sale in Cyprus fit these dimensions.

- Villas:

  • Luxury villas have 200m2 swimming pool, large garden and much more than 3 bedrooms,
  • standard villas do not have a swimming pool, they have a maximum size of 200m2,

Buy Villas in Cyprus

In order to envision the properties of Cyprus Villas in your mind, it is useful to provide detailed information about a few villas for sale and their structure. We mentioned above that the Cyprus Villas, which may differ according to the districts, are luxurious and standard types.

Cyprus Villas

For example, the characteristics of Cyprus Villas for sale in holiday villages on the Kyrenia coastline are as follows:

  • 500-600 meters from the sea,
  • Walking distance to the beach is only 3 minutes,
  • Very close to Kyrenia town center,
  • Different types of villas with mountain and sea views,
  • Very close to the national park and woodland,
  • There is a wealth of social facilities in the site where the villa is located,
  • Swimming pool, Heated indoor pool, Gym, Multipurpose hall,
  • Massage parlors, Sauna, Physiotherapy fields, Terrace on the roofs, Restaurant - Bar-cafe, Markets, Scenic Terraces,
  • Open and closed car park, hydrophore, water tank, balcony with blinds, etc.
  • 115 m2, 2 + 1, 2 floors,

Let's continue the definition of Cyprus Villas with different districts... The Cyprus Real Estate sector is also active in Nicosia.

The features of a villa located in the Yenikent holiday village of Nicosia district are as follows:

  • Ceramic floor, bedroom with adult bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, wall cabinets in rooms,
  • Heat and sound insulation walls, double glazed windows, balcony with blinds,
  • Air conditioning, water tank, hydrophore, Solar heating,
  • Close to the district center and other social areas,
  • Satellite TV, internet and telephone, open and closed garage, private garage, water and heat insulated roof, garden, villa environmental lighting,
  • Net 200 m², 3 + 1 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets, 2 floors and 2019 construction.

For the reasons mentioned above, Buy House in Cyprus would be a very wise choice. Cyprus, where suitable villas can be found for both individual and corporate buyers, promises more hope for the future compared to alternative places in its vicinity. When the political problem of northern and southern cyprus is resolved, the real estate sector will pike. Foreign investors are aware of this and follow developments closely. Finally, we should  added; For Cyprus, we can say that the charming island of the Mediterranean is the favorite of holidaymakers, the primary choice of investors, and a school for those who want to study.