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Konyaalti Villas - Konyaalti Villas for sale

Konyaaltı Villas offers a great vacation choice to be visited in Turkey! There are a great variety of reasons to invest your money for Konyaaltı villas. Let’s have a look! Konyaaltı is a beautiful town in Antalya Province in Turkey. Its name comes from expression of "koy altı", which is in the Turkish language meaning "the bay under the cliffs".

Konyaaltı is located beneath wonderful cliffs of Antalya, and it extends over the mountains along with many sorts of beaches involving shingle and sand. Real Estate in Konyaalti gives you the opportunity to feel the serenity and peace in such facilities. When you visit Konyaaltı, you are going to realize that sea water is a bit cooler in comparison with other beaches in Antalya. The reason why it is cooler is that there is an underground creek flowing into sea. Furthermore; you will enjoy the easiness of transportation even in the rush hours since destinations are even reachable on foot! When it comes to history for Konyaaltı, it is renowned for well-developed buildings and infrastructure. The area is known to have been started to be developed in the 80s, and during these times, There were small villages here for agricultural services where peasants grow grazed sheep and crops.

Located in the outskirts of Taurus Mountains, Apartments for sale in Konyaaltı is famous for its green forests in Turkey with tourism spots and clean sea waves reaching beaches and the pine trees under the shade of pine trees accepted as very plausible. In such a breath-taking place, you have the chance for buying profitable flats at a reasonable price for Villas for sale in Konyaalti in the desirable location of Antalya in Konyaaltı! House for sale in Konyaalti is considered as one of the best quality constructions. They have a unique view of the city and are located in Turkey’s southern coastline. The area offers you a great variety of things such as Antalya Museum which is known for its historical architectures and paintings, Aktur funfair which is the greatest recreational park for your children, 5M Migros market where you can find almost everything you need for your holiday and plus pharmacies, restaurants and cafes. These wonderful apartments give you a chance of experiencing Mediterranean coast of Antalya.

Konyaalti Villas for sale

Konyaaltı known as a sought after area with full range of things to do in the city. Apartments for sale in Konyaaltı gives you the ability to enjoy the country's ultimate destination and well-known cultural riches and unique beauty. In addition to this case; you can easily realize that comfortable flats are on the great location in the district. You can find bars, night clubs, markets, cafes, restaurants, shops, parks,public bazaars, ATMs, pharmacies, hospitals, and public transportations by walking distance. Apartments in Konyaaltı are located in Arapsuyu neighborhood with an only 200 m away to the beach. Houses for sale in Konyaaltı are the perfect choice for the ones who love to enjoy nature, beauty and serenity altogether! If you are looking for an apartment having these great facilities, Apartments in Konyaaltı under our company’s secure service is a must buy object for you.

Buy Villas in Konyaalti

Konyaalti Villas are situated within various places to get luxury villas for sale in Antalya. In almost each part of residential buildings in  Konyaalti area, you have a chance of enjoying sea and mountain views. Konyaaltı villas at the same time, presents great and luxurious residential complexes within great and perfect entertainment amenities. Your prepared house is on the ground floor which means beautiful landscaped garden. If you would like to invest your money abroad, it is for sure that you need to care about security services in a property. When you are away from your home, our company tracks all the actions in Konyaalti villas. Our company offers you 24-hour security system including security guards and cameras.

Konyaalti Villas

What else do you desire to have in order to buy house in Konyaalti? Perhaps, you may need to know that if we offer you private parking and swimming pool. Our answer is “Yes”. Our company offers you pool and private parking services. Please, do not hesitate decide no our apartments and villas in Konyaaltı! You will both enjoy the sunny weather and surrounded nature of Konyaaltı. If you are keen on serenity and nature, never miss Konyaalti Villas for sale to visit and enjoy the facilities. The coastal town has everything you need as an ultimate holiday destination For facilities, you can count  many shopping malls, cinemas,  beaches, restaurants, while it is also famous for its nightlife and upscale nightclubs. No matter how old you are, Konyaaltı villas and  houses gives you a lot of options to choose out of recreation, relaxing, sports activities. Konyaalti Real Estate lives up your expectations ranging from size of the room, color of the house, type of your garden and style of your life. Our organisation is based on our customers’ needs and desire.

Locating at Mediterranean Sea with its great beaches, Antalya has many towns and downtowns at which people are welcomed. However; Konyaaltı is by far the best place for our foreign visitors to enjoy nature and sea altogether! Beautifully decorated apartments and houses for sale in Konyaaltı are complimented by elegant touch among all the properties. Within local amenities only within walking distance via public transport facilities, Konyaaltı real estate surpasses all the other apartments in Antalya. Both with their facility options and geographical location, Konyaalti apartments are renowned for being the best seller out of other properties in Antalya. Despite the fact that Turkey’s southern part has many attractive cities, Antalya is mentioned as "City of Tourism" in Turkey. Do not worry! you have almost everything here as  an ultimate holiday destination. When it comes to Konyaaltı apartments and villas, there is no doubt that you are going to find everything you need here! For more information, please do not hesitate to contact with us! You can reach our team via our telephone numbers and our mails over our website!