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How to Buy Real Estate in Belek?

Real Estate in Belek has many popular properties. Buying a property in Belek is a smart and profitable investment to make. Belek is known as the golfing destination in Turkey year-round. Kemer is located along the south coast of Antalya and the most concentrated feature of Belek is high quality golfing.

It can be said that Belek is an affordable alternative to more established golf destinations such as Portugal and Spain. Real Estate Belekand Kadriye, which is the neighbor town of Belek and they are about 4 km away from each other, towns are demanded due to many golf courses and hotels they have. Having a property in Belek has a distinct benefit. If you have a property in Belek, you can benefit from free or discounted memberships to the nearest championship quality golf courses. These courses also include unlimited rounds of golf, enjoying members-only facilities.

How much does it cost to buy an apartment in Belek?

Real Estate in Belek is gaining more value as visitors come and enjoy Belek. Mostly, golf-lovers tend to come regularly Belek since it is an affordable golf destination and with quality properties. Also, owning a property provides discounts on golf classes, which is a great advantage.

Real Estate in Belek

Apartments in Belek prices start about 65.000 euros, depending on many features. One of the most effective factors is the size of the house. As the room number and size gets larger, the prices get higher. Another one is the location. If the houses are closer to the beach or central areas, the houses are more expensive. Also, the properties with sea and mountain views are more valuable and they are easier to rent out. Luxury apartments may have gardens, playgrounds for children, and shared swimming pools. Also, security in a site is very demanded and increases the prices. Luxury Apartments in Belek, which are mostly the penthouse suites cost around 100.000 euros, with five-star facilities.

Belek Real Estate market is a profitable investment since renting your property during a long summer season can bring about 8% of annual income. As the real estate market in Turkey increases year by year, annual income by renting is also increasing. Belek has 300 days sunny thanks to the Mediterranean climate. It is always possible to find tenants to rent out your property because Belek welcomes visitors even in winter seasons. Properties for sale in Belekhave many different types of houses depending on your budget and taste such as modern villas, classic country houses, or luxury apartments. Belek has a beautiful nature, blue flag beaches, and clear waters so that it provides a relaxed and stress-free holiday.

How much does it cost to buy a villa in Belek?

Real Estate in Belek gaining more value as each year passes. Antalya is a highly demanded area and Belek is gaining popularity. Mostly the buyers are from America, Norway, Sweden, Germany, and Russia. Whether you like golf or not, Belek is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Turkey.

Villas in Belek start about 100.000 euros can be higher up to 700.000 euros. As providing more privacy by private swimming pools, gardens, security, sunny rooms, and other facilities, villas are preferred more than apartments in Belek. Although the apartments are located closer to the beaches than villas, hundreds of residents want to stay in villas with a private pool. The major reason for preferring villas is to have a private pool. Villas not only provide ample space for the residents but also children love the pool. Luxury Villas in Belek has features such as closeness to the center, or to any golf course higher up the price. This is especially suitable for golf lovers. Lastly, the room number and how new is the villa determines the luxury and the price of the villas. Furnished villas are also more advantageous while renting it to tourists or local people.

Belek Real Estate for sale

Belek Real Estate for sale is a great opportunity for investors since golfing is the most outstanding feature. Year-round golfing is a distinct quality of Belek and having a property provides discounts for the golf courses. Also, in Belek, you are always a few minutes away from a golf course.

Where is the best place to buy in Belek?

Real Estate in Belek has a wide variety of options. As well as the luxurious properties, there are also more affordable options in both Belek and Kadriye areas. Room number, size of the house, the closeness of the house to the beach or central areas, renovation need, presence of a private pool, or garden are the factors that affect the prices. Buying a property averagely will cost about 100.000 euros depending on room number, location of the house, the luxury of the house. But you can always find a property suitable to your budget and that will meet your wishes. Belek, Antalya region is a great place to enjoy your holiday, you can both find peace and relaxed, and do many activities.

Luxury Real Estate in Belek includes villas mostly, which cost about 100.000 euros to 700.000 euros. The major reason for preferring villas is to have a private pool and the ample space provided by the villa. Cheap Property for sale in Belek are usually the apartments, they start to cost about 60.000 euros and higher. Having a property for sale in Belek is not only a great place to spend a relaxed and peaceful holiday but also a profitable investment. Renting your property can bring about 8% of annual income and they are expected to get higher every other year.

Belek and Kadriye regions are the most popular Belek Real Estate areas. Hence, they are income guaranteed areas since the properties can be rented all year. Antalya is the tourism capital city of Turkey, and staying in Belek also helps to benefit from Antalya's beautiful nature too. Antalya has many has blue flag beaches, historical places, canyons, rivers, and lakes. Lastly, besides golfing, there are also many activities you can join such as horse riding, white water rafting, scuba diving, water sports, and jeep safaris are provided in Belek.