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How to Buy Real Estate in Istanbul?

For many locals in Istanbul, buying a real estate in Istanbul may take up to a week to purchase property as this process needs lots of research and coming up to a final decision. However, although all of these can be done in a short time, they may long for at least three to six months to make the right decision for the ideal property that will be your house in Istanbul.

President determines that the which country's citizens are able to obtain property in Turkey or will have limited real rights on the property (easement, etc.) In addition, no residence permit, related to the properties purchased by foreigners, is required but there are some restrictions here, the size of the real estate owned by a foreigner cannot exceed 30 hectares.

Similarly, the total of the real estate purchased by foreigners in a district cannot exceed 10% of the areas subject to private ownership in the district. However, citizens of foreign countries cannot purchase a real estate in military forbidden zones, military security zones, and strategic areas.

Foreigners who want to find out whether their country is subject to restrictions or not will be able to obtain information from the embassies, the General Directorate of Land Registry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Turkey

How Much Does It Cost To Buy An Apartment In Istanbul?

The increasing number of Europeans in Turkey has increased, especially the Istanbul real estate market is getting bigger every year. Europeans have many reasons to buy property for sale in Istanbul. Some of these reasons are that Istanbul is a metropolitan city and has numerous popular areas. In addition to its location, Istanbul's connections with other European countries, its warm climate and low-cost living opportunities also attract the foreigners’ attention who came to Istanbul once and decided to start to live a new life here or to buy a property in Istanbul just for investment. In addition, mortgage rates have been made more affordable for those who want to buy a real estate in Istanbul.

Real Estate in Istanbul

Prices of properties may vary depending on the regions and size of the property for sale in Istanbul. Apartments for sale in Istanbul are available on both sides of Istanbul. Properties on the European side of Istanbul, of course, have much higher prices than properties for sale in less attractive locations on the Asian side. We must say that the apartments in the Istanbul real estate market are in a dominant position. New complexes on the European side of Istanbul offer modern design and facilities, but buyers should be ready for higher prices, starting from about € 150,000 for small apartments. There are also renovated apartments for sale in Istanbul, which offers a more traditional feeling. These old-style apartments and stylishly renovated large lofts are good options both for investors and the real owners. Prices start from € 150,000 and go up according to the owners' demands

There are also many large luxury apartments in Istanbul suburbs. These complexes are built in high quality with all sports, entertainment and shopping facilities so they provide everything you want. Prices are more reasonable than those in the city center and start from €45.000. With the improvement of transportation networks, residences outside the city have become more accessible today and have become a part of the big city of Istanbul.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy An Villa in Istanbul?

In many places in Istanbul, you can find villas at many different prices. For example, some mansions are located near the sea. It was mostly built during the Ottoman period. In addition to being expensive, they also have some features that make you feel unique. Üsküdar, Sarıyer, Emirgan, Tarabya, and Ortaköy consist of many villas in this sense. Zekeriyaköy, Büyükçekmece, Arnavutköy, Esenyurt and Beylikdüzü regions are ideal for investment purposes. Investors who have a budget can have the chance to purchase villas in Istanbul from districts such as Beşiktaş, Şişli and Kadıköy. Villas for sale in Istanbul can be very variable in terms of their prices. a cheap villa in Istanbul can be sold for € 300000, or more prestigious and luxury villas with a private pool can cost € 2000000 and more.

What should be considered when buying a villa in Istanbul?

Istanbul Real Estate for sale offers a wide range of options. However, this analysis requires a good research for the villa to be purchased. Although the price of various villas decreases as we move away from the city center, the features of the villa and the comfort it promises generally cause high prices on a square meter basis. Never hurry, visit our web site and our experienced consultants will guide you all through the process.

Istanbul Real Estate for sale

Why is a villa preferred for investment in Istanbul?

The most important reason to choose a villa instead of an apartment for investment is that the rental income is high. Different people looking for a villa for sale in Istanbul encounter different meetings in different locations. However, as a result, you can get the best rental income from villas regardless of location.

The high level of socio-economic level of the customer who rents the villa allows the landlords to manage this process smoothly in terms of communication and regular payment. Offering a comfort space in itself, the villas are also ideal for crowded families. It is also possible to obtain a high and profitable income by renting villas to foreign tourists who come from abroad periodically.

Istanbul villas for sale can offer attractive research prices from newly developing districts to developed ones. In Istanbul, which has a cosmopolitan texture that appeals to millions of people, luxury, ultra-luxury, expensive villas are also valuable. In these conditions, luxury villas in Istanbul are always considered as a valuable investment tool.

As mentioned earlier, you can find villas in many districts of Istanbul. You can draw your road map by looking at the prices and places on our website. Please feel free to write to us for more information.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy In Istanbul?

As a city where nearly 15 million are living, Istanbul has 39 administrative districts. Many of them can be especially popular for the citizens of foreign countries who want to buy a real estate in Istanbul in Istanbul but the prices can also be suitable for different budgets.

Districts Of Istanbul

Ortaköy, the throne of the Bosphorus, was the summer residence of Ottoman Sultans and has been an interesting and interesting settlement since the Ottoman period. You can find various gift shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Sarıyer and Rumeli Kavağı are the last stops on the European side of those who visit the Bosphorus with ferry services. Fish restaurants are famous and these places can be very crowded during the holidays. If you are looking for a cheap property for sale in Istanbul, you should make a research in these districts in detail.

Üsküdar is a district where is famous for Maiden Tower. It is also a transit port to Europe. Kadıköy has no historical structure. It is one of the rapidly developing districts of Istanbul in the last decade. It is especially the region visited by the young population.

Beyoğlu preserves the characteristics of the period it was built and is a place worth seeing with its architecture and heritage influenced by Europe 100 years ago. It is possible to pass the Galata region by the metro. The upper end of the tunnel is the beginning of Istiklal Avenue. From here you can go to Taksim Square.

Maltepe is on the Asian side of Istanbul and nearly 400000 people are living here. The development of the area is quite new. If what you are looking for is a luxury real estate in Istanbul, Maltepe is just for you.