Mortgage in Turkey

How housing loans in Turkey?

It is the most significant investment you make to purchase a house. It may be confusing to assess the funding options which are suitable initially. However, whether you will use a housing loan to purchase a house and choosing the suitable payment plan for your objectives, budget and payment plan is significant as finding the right property. 

The foreign citizens, who do not reside/settle in Turkey, can benefit from the housing loans, provided by Turkish banks for both residential and investment purposes. The overall properties of housing loans are briefly as follows.

Housing Loans The Overall Properties:

They can be received as Turkish lira or FX indexed.

The maximum maturity period of the loan is 240 months (20 years)

European Union citizens, Switzerland and Norway are eligible to receive loans for 65% of the property. Loans for other nationals is 50%.

Required documents (Notarized Turkish translation may be requested in some cases)

  • Tax identification number (available from local Tax Offices in Turkey)
  • Bank Real Estate Valuation Report 
  • Copy of passport or Residence Permit
  • Income Certificate (bank account / credit card statement) covering the last three months
  • Certificate from the credit registration office in the client's own country and from the relevant institution
  • Certificate stating your address in your country of residence (An utility bill or a copy of a document that shows your address)