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How to Buy Real Estate in Turkey?

Real Estate in Turkey has to gain more value each year, as Turkey has many cities for having a vacation. The country has blue flag beaches, winter tourism centers, historical heritages, national parks, and a location of connecting Europe to Asia.

Such properties make Turkey demanding and popular for foreign tourists. Having a property in Turkey is both a profitable investment to make and also a great location to have a holiday house. Turkey has an important location since connecting Europe to Asia.

The Mediterranean cities are especially demanded and popular due to the beautiful nature, warm climate, historical places, blue flag beaches, clear waters, winter tourism centers, national parks, and various activities. Many of the foreign tourists and local people of Turkey buy a house or a villa in the Mediterranean coastline, to have a holiday house and spend their summer holiday and provide a steady income when the properties are not used. Thanks to the international airlines of Turkey, many investors are buying a property in Turkey.

Where is the best place to buy in Turkey?

Real Estate in Turkey is quite a popular and demanded market. The location of Turkey and also the benefits provided many international services are included in the charming qualities. Antalya is the tourism capital of Turkey. The city welcomes thousands of tourists every year, and the Real Estate in Antalya gains more popularity each year more. It can be proved by looking at statistics, the property prices increased by double in the last five years and estimated to increase even more. Renting out your property when not used, can bring up to 10% of income yearly. Alanya is the second most popular holiday destination in Turkey. Real Estate in Alanya properties is more affordable than the Antalya region. Since the Gaziosmanpasa airport opened, Alanya region welcomes many international visitors, and demands are higher. As the visitors discover and love Alanya, they tend to come regularly each year following. Alanya has a developing infrastructure, blue flight beaches, and many charming villages.

Property for sale in Turkey

Istanbul is the major city in Turkey because of its industry, location, and cultural history. It is the capital of industry, production and consumption, and a meeting point of diverse people. Real Estate in Istanbul market is always demanded, Istanbul is a crowded city, with millions of people. There is always a need for accommodation and the property prices are always high. Istanbul has developed services such as education, health, social services. Real Estate in Cyprus is gaining more value each year as Kibris gaining popularity. It is a demanded holiday destination, foreign tourists come to Kibris to enjoy nature, have a relaxing vacation, and escape from the stress of the city. University students come to have education in universities in Kibris. An investment of an apartment or a villa can be a summer home for you and a steady income since you can rent it during the times you do not use the property. It is always possible to resell your property for a higher price, which is why investment in Kibris is very demanded.  

Is it safe to buy property in Turkey?

Since the last decade, Turkey's economy has been developed greatly. It is estimated that Turkey will outperform most of the other countries. Real estate in Turkey is a major growth and developing sector in Turkey. It is one of the most visited countries with a wide tourism sector. These are the reasons that accommodation need increases dramatically annually.

Real Estate in Turkey

Apartments in Turkey demanded, especially with features of swimming pools, gyms, saunas, car parks, and security services. Apartments usually located in the center of a city, so that it provides both daily and social convenience. Also, the prices of the apartments are much lower in Turkey compared to foreign countries, so that they are demanded highly. Villas in Turkey are preferred in the Mediterranean cost areas. They provide private swimming pools and private gardens. Cities of seasides such as Bodrum, Fethiye, Side, and Antalya areas are very popular for buying villas.

Can Foreigners Buy Real Estate in Turkey?

Foreigners can buy Real Estate in Turkey except for military zones and security zones. Also, foreigners and their families who buy a property in Turkey for minimum 250.000 dollars can be Turkish citizens. Turkish Real Estate is gaining more value as there are many holiday destinations in Turkey. Another fact is that citizens of Syria, Armenia, North Korea, Nigeria, and Cuba can not buy a property in Turkey. The other nationalities can own up to 30 hectares of the property providing that it is not in a military zone.

Turkish Real Estate

Real Estate in Turkey is a smart investment to make as the property prices are getting higher and higher each year. Both the capitals and tourism destinations of the Mediterranean areas are demanded highly and accommodation need is increasing. Luxury Real Estate in Turkey is especially popular in the tourism destinations. The villas are usually demanded since they provide more privacy and ample space for a holiday. On the Mediterranean coastline, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful nature, blue flag beaches, and clear waters. Comparing the prices of villas in France, Italy, or Spain and villas in Turkey, the prices are almost triple in other countries. You can buy a villa in Turkey cheaper and earn more money by renting it in Turkey. As coast areas of Turkey discovered more and more, the value of properties is getting higher. Also, since the properties gain more value each year after, you can always resell your property for a higher price than you paid for.

What is the most accurate Real Estate Turkey website?

To buy a Real Estate in Turkey, you can work with a real estate agent that is reliable and recommended. You can visit our website We can help you to rent, buy or resell your property with guaranteed that you would not have any troubles. We provide you a transferring between hotel and airport, and also language services so that you would not face with any problem of communication.